What is Adblock? How can you work around it?

What is Adblock? How can you work around it?

While surfing the web you may notice that there are a lot of advertisements that show up.  Whether they are video ads, banners, or pop-ups, people have found out a way to bypass advertisements.  Software that blocks these advertisements is called Adblock.


While blocking advertisements is convenient for users, there is another side to the issue.  When people use Adblock, they are hurting businesses and content providers who put a lot of their content out for free.  The revenue that is gained from the ads goes straight maintaining the servers that the website runs on.    


While it may sound like Adblock is the death to all advertising on the internet. There are a few ways that you can work around the Adblock program.


Native Ads

Forbes says what native ads are pretty clear, “In the simplest of terms, native ads are sponsored content – whether it’s an article, video, or graphics. The difference between native ads and other forms of sponsored content is that they are disguised as content that would normally appear on a publication.” (Forbes, 2015)  So if you have an article, the advertisement would be in the actual text of the article. Adblocker can’t detect that, so the ad can still be displayed. This works the same way with videos and podcasts. Native ads capture attention if you can’t reach your target audience than an advertisement is useless.  


Mobile/In-App Advertisements

As of now, it is not very easy to get Adblock on mobile browsers,  since more and more web traffic is coming from mobile devices, this will likely change, but as of now, it is not a pressing issue.  If you have your own mobile app, Adblock cannot block in third-party apps. So all of the advertisements you run on an app will get to your consumers.  


Ask to be Whitelisted

Adblock programs have a feature called whitelisting.  Users can select specific websites to not have adblocker run on.  Websites can detect when users are using Adblock and can prompt a display asking users to turn off Adblock,  while this is optional for the users, there is still a chance that they will whitelist your website if they appreciate your content.  It never hurts to ask!


Today, Adblock is becoming more and more relevant, and it is important for us to realize that advertisements should not be annoying and disruptive, but they should be informative and relevant.  If advertisements are used correctly, people will be less inclined to use Adblock.

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