Top 5 MUSTS When It Comes To Online Marketing And PR

Top 5 MUSTS When It Comes To Online Marketing And PR


When the entrepreneurial spirit grabs you, it is quite often tempting to jump right in and just go for it. You have great products or services. Actually, you know yours is the greatest! You have big ideas and vision Your raw enthusiasm will get your business up, running, and profitable in no time, right? You know it is going to be amazing!

Now, back to reality for a moment! Every prospective small business owner starts off with great ideas, inspiration, and enthusiasm. That’s just a given. But every business owner hits unexpected bumps and detours that can slow or even derail success. And many business owners unnecessarily reinvent the wheel entirely too many times.  

So many times we have no idea the amount of sacrifice it is going to take to be a successful business owner. The great thing about those that have paved the way before us is that we can and should learn from them. In doing so we are more apt to avoid those time-and-money-wasting mistakes.

I have compiled together advice small business owners stated that they wish someone had told them concerning Online Marketing and PR before they began their life as an entrepreneur.

  1. Learn how to evaluate Internet marketing companies. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s easy to waste thousands of dollars on marketing that leads you nowhere. If a friend asked for advice about finding marketing companies, I’d say look at the marketing company’s past work and see if their marketing efforts are still paying off.

If you want to evaluate even further, you can call online businesses they’ve worked with and ask for their opinion of their marketing company. As long as they aren’t one of your competitors it shouldn’t be a big deal.

  1. There will come a day when you will have to accept that your good reputation alone won’t be enough to succeed. Decide early on to invest in online marketing and the creation of a strong online presence.

The growth that you will experience (despite the low cost) by investing time into social media and regular blog posts will reinforce the importance of a strong online presence, regardless of what type of company you run.

  1. Get as much PR as humanly possible. If you start your business off without doing this, you will find you have wasted a lot of time. PR will begin to pay off in a big way. This is one decision you will always be grateful you made!
  2. Pick only two social media platforms and work on them. When you’re a new small business owner, you can’t always hire staff, and maintaining numerous social media platforms is overwhelming. Yes, you can use services to upload posts in advance, but you still have to create the posts. Two social media accounts will serve you well, and as your business grows and you can hire more employees, add more.
  3. Don’t be slow to figure out SEO and get moving on it asap! This will save your butt immensely and you will discover that it will make your world so much easier from the get-go.
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