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What Others Are Saying About PureDriven

“We Are Gaining So Many New Customers!”


Nicole Brown

Owner of Plato’s Closet Monterey, California


Nothing is new here, sales were up 10% last month and buys were up 100%, we are gaining so many new customers, we love what you guys are doing!! Thanks PureDriven!

“Great SEO Results!”


Tony Kim

Owner of Once Upon A Child Clarksville


With Puredriven managing my SEO, they did an amazing job of getting my website to the 1st page. Originally, when they took over the store wasn’t even in the top 20, and now my store shows consistently as #1.

“Why Go With Anyone Else?!”


Trish Paptonaski  

Manager of Once Upon A Child Niles, OH


If you are going to spend money on Digital why wouldn’t you spend it with a company that is their forte, rather than paying a company that is simply offering Digital marketing as a way to stay competitive in a changing market?

“Increases in Foot Traffic!”


Vickie Hassemer

Owner of Play It Again Sports Aurora


PureDriven has been a major part of our marketing strategy and we are very pleased with the results. We have seen increases in foot traffic in the store and we are always encouraged when we hear people say they found us online before they came into the store.

“Customer Counts Have Increased”


Daryl Hackworth

Owner of Once Upon A Child Ft. Wayne


In the past I’ve never felt like my marketing was effective. Since hiring PureDriven my customer counts have increased, my reach to my customers has become far better, and my social media engagement is way up. My marketing has finally gained traction and is now all working together to put people in my store.

“PureDriven Has Delivered Exceptional Digital Metrics”


Steve Levitt

Owner of Once Upon A Child & Plato’s Closet Stores


Since partnering with PureDriven in January my stores have grown quickly and consistently, outperforming national and regional averages. PureDriven has delivered exceptional digital metrics and is committed to continually improving our results. On top of the great store growth, the level of personal service and attention I receive is far and away better than anyone else I have worked with.

“We are Very Happy to Recommend PureDriven!”


Deena Fowler

Owner of Two Play It Again Sports


Facing our first down year for the stores, we partnered with PureDriven to turn things around. In less than a year, we have done just that! We first noticed the increase in traffic on our website and social media pages, and then started noticing the difference in traffic at the stores, and an increase in sales. Both stores are now up significantly in sales over last year.

“Great Success With PureDriven!”


George Martin

Owner of Four Winmark Franchises


My sister and I have both found great success with PureDriven for our two Once Upon A Child stores, our Plato’s Closet, and our Style Encore!

“Things Were Slow Before PureDriven!”


Steve Olson

Owner of Style Encore Des Moines


Things were slow, and then with PureDriven, we’ve had so many customers that we need to staff up!

“My Store Is Up Year Over Year Thanks to PureDriven!”


Mike Hamann

Owner of Play It Again Sports Evanston


The store has been up 20-25% consistently year over year and I’m convinced that digital has played a major role in the increases in the 2nd year of my store being opened!

“Our Open To Buy With PureDriven Was Great!”


Kevin O’Donnell

Owner of Play It Again Sports Lakewood


Open to Buy went really well! We were able to get everything done in 4 weeks rather than 6 weeks. A big part of that was an early online presence. In an area that doesn’t get of foot traffic or exposure. We knew marketing was going to be a big part of what needed to be done, and PureDriven delivered the results we needed.