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Snapchat is one of the fastest growing apps right now.  The app’s parent company Snap Inc. went public last May. February last year, Snapchat had 158 million active users that would open the app on average 18 times per day (Carson, 2017). So what does this picture messaging app mean to you on a digital marketing basis? Ads are between 3-10 second vertical videos, the ads appear on Snapchat in between friend’s stories and Snapchat curated content.  The typical user spends around 30 minutes in the app. The swipe up rate from a Snapchat ad is about five times higher than the average clickthrough rate of ads on other social media platforms (Lua, 2017).


In 2017, Snapchat partnered with Oracle Data Cloud, allowing the app to access user data. The data cloud allows Snapchat to analyze user’s online as well as offline interests. This allows Snapchat to target a specific audience.  Another way to advertise on Snapchat is through their Snapchat Lense,  if you’re unfamiliar with the term,  the lenses are those lenses that make your face turn into a dog and other fun things. These lenses show up alongside the Snapchat made lenses so they are easy to find. Geofilters show up when you take a snap and an ad shows up when you switch filters. These geofilters show up when you are in a certain area and are triggered allowing the lens to be accessed. Users can create their own entry-level geofilters for as low as $5, they are just like the sponsored filter, but the location that they can be accessed is much smaller.


One of the more unique ways to advertise using Snapchat is not even through the app directly. You can use Snapchat to scan a Snapcode and get directed straight to a website. It is like the idea of the QR scanner apps that were popular in the early 2010s. Since Snapchat is a lot more popular of an app than those QR scanners, it is a very effective way to get people to your website. Overall, Snapchat is still growing and new ways to advertise will surely be on the way. As of right now, Snapchat is a very effective way to get your ads and brand out there. People are using Snapchat more than ever so it is imperative to take advantage of the platform to spread your brand.


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