Snapchat Marketing for Franchisees

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Snapchat Marketing for Franchisees

Snapchat marketing is nothing new, but it can be a daunting task to get started as a franchise owner. Snapchat ads come in many different forms these days, but once you’re familiar with the ad sizes and the general feel of Snapchat you will be well on your way to a successful Snapchat marketing campaign!


In this article we will discuss the “why” and the “how” of Snapchat marketing for franchisees.


Why use Snapchat Marketing?


Franchisees should use Snapchat marketing to reach their target demographic. With so many different social media and marketing platforms available today it can be hard to find your target demographic on just one platform, and that is why we recommend having a large marketing mix to reach your audience on their favorite platforms. Snapchat can be one of the platforms in your franchise marketing mix!


How to use Snapchat Marketing:



Now that we know WHY we should be using Snapchat, let’s focus on HOW to use it. First off, a Snapchat ad has a bit of an odd size compared to your usual ad. The Snapchat ad size is 1080 x 1920 pixels, which is a normal video size rotated 90 degrees. This is equivalent to recording a video or taking a picture on your cell phone while holding the phone vertically. Most ads you see on the internet are horizontal, or landscape in orientation, but not Snapchat! This can be difficult at first because you may not have content in the Snapchat ad size at first, but once you start building out your Snapchat ad library you should be good to go!


What is a Snapchat Ad?


A Snapchat ad can either be a video, an image, or a series of images. If you don’t have the ability to produce videos, but you want some moving content, you can simply place multiple images on the Snapchat Ads timeline and create a moving slideshow as your ad. You can even add background music or audio to your ads, whether your ad is a video or an image!


What are we promoting?


Next up we need to decide WHAT we are promoting on Snapchat. We can drive users to our website, a product in our e-commerce shop, an application download, or even a longer video! You can advertise something very specific, or you can run a general awareness campaign and get your brand out there. You can still attach a website URL or any other form of attachment to your awareness campaigns, so you’ll still be driving traffic to your designated area!



How Franchisees Can Use Snapchat Marketing:


Franchisees can use Snapchat marketing by hitting their local market with ads. A lot of franchises make the mistake of only marketing the franchise brand, and hoping that their brand is what pushes their individual location to the next level. However, local marketing is where franchisees need to be focusing their efforts, and Snapchat marketing is great for local marketing. Use Snapchat marketing to advertise in the areas around each of the locations that you own, and make sure to create separate ad accounts for each location. This makes it a lot easier to track how your campaigns are doing, and it makes it simple to compare your results down the road. It also reduces the amount of mistakes that you will make, as each location will be properly labeled on your screen so you won’t forget which one you are making the ads for.


Finally, if you are a franchisor, you can indeed use Snapchat Ads for branding. You can run Snapchat on the national level, but even for branding purposes we recommend running local campaigns. Consumers want to feel like they are shopping within their community, and local advertising from national brands can give them that feeling!


If you have any questions about Snapchat Ads, or would like to inquire about PureDriven running your Snapchat campaigns for you, please click here.


We hope this quick Snapchat Marketing lesson helped out!

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