Podcast #18 – Live From the Emerging Franchise Conference!

Podcast #18 – Live From the Emerging Franchise Conference!

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Steve:                   Hello everybody, and welcome to another PureDriven Podcast. My name is Steve Rockwood, I am the marketing manager here at Peer Driven, and I’m joined once again with Christopher Swanson, the CEO. However, we are not in the same office for once. Chris is actually at the emerging franchise, I can’t remember what it’s called but it is a trade show. He’s gonna tell us all about it and his key takeaways. He’s currently in Miami, and we are in Two Harbors, Minnesota, where it is snowing.



Steve:                   Chris, how’s the sunshine down there?



Chris:                    Well, Steve, thanks for setting this up. The sunshine is absolutely beautiful, and I don’t want to rub it in, but it’s been 82 and 84 degrees each day. And we are doing the classic conference thing that all of you are so aware of, and that is sitting in large conference rooms that are air conditioned, never to go outside to see the actual light of day.



Steve:                   Oh yeah.



Chris:                    So that’s what’s going on, Steve. I’m sure on the way to the airport as I get my Uber, I will get the chance to experience the beautiful Miami weather. But that being said, we’re still having a great time. It’s been a really amazing conference, Steve. We’ve learned a tremendous amount, we’ve also been able to share a tremendous amount about what’s going on within franchise, franchisee and the marketing world. And there’s of course other breakout sessions, as most conferences have. But it was pretty cool because some of the key things that you and I have been talking about over the last five years, such as getting local, content structure, the complexities of digital marketing and social marketing and how to do that, active management, how to stay consistent, what you should do to build your brand. All these things that you and I have been talking about, Steve, that is what we were talking about. They’ve all become extremely relevant, so it’s fun when you spend your career trying to do something and then you start hearing everybody talk about the proven process that you built for your company, it’s pretty fun.



Steve:                   No, that sounds amazing. Just to let our listeners know, what is the conference that you are at right now? What is it called and who made it?



Chris:                    Yeah. This is an IFA, International Franchise Association, conference called Emerging Franchise. And it’s made up primarily of people that support franchises like ourselves. And then of course, businesses that are looking either to franchise their model, or maybe they already call as we call units, maybe they have 10 units or three units, maybe they have 50 units and they’re just wanting to learn best practices and where they can bring things. Of course, there’s quite a few consultants as well to help those folks at Emerging Franchise.



Chris:                    And of course as you said earlier, it’s coming to everybody from Miami, Florida.



Steve:                   Awesome. Well, the cool thing is, we’re actually going to be talking about when or how to franchise your business on this podcast quite soon, that’s on the topic list. So it’s very timely that you get to meet all these people.



Chris:                    Yeah. It really is timely, a good group of people. I think the reason I enjoy these people is, a lot of them come from an entrepreneurial background. They had an idea, and they wanted that idea grown to become something very successful. And so many entrepreneurs have that dream, that vision of something really taking off and being a lot of fun. And they recognize that the franchising model could be the vehicle that lets them do that.



Chris:                    So they’re learning, they’re sponges, they’re trying to figure things out. But again, what was so fun is to listen to all the different people who are agencies, to hear so many of the franchise owners saying things like, “Gee, I have one Facebook page for my brand, but I have 54 locations, or I have 10 locations, and I’m recognizing how important it is that I deliver hyper-focused, local content.”



Chris:                    And I heard focused, hyper-focused. I heard local, over and over and over again.



Chris:                    Again, those are strategic things that we’ve been talking to people about for so many years. Because as we watched Google and Facebook and all the different advertising platforms, we recognized that they start to get that light bulb moment, they get the aha, that if I can deliver local marketing in regards to a brand, I can actually develop a brand within a local area, whether that’s an urban environment, rural environment, just a suburban environment, it doesn’t matter, I can tie into that community with that local messaging and make things feel like it’s part of the community, which they are.



Chris:                    So really a lot of fun to hear that. The other thing we consistently heard is it’s really difficult to do. Extremely complex. I just can’t tell you enough, Steve, how we’ve come to recognize how much work goes into making sure you have a strong strategy, making sure as you do that strategy that there’s key pieces in place. Like making sure there’s a brand, making sure you understand what your brand message is, making sure you are unique and differentiating yourselves from other businesses that would be competitive, and being really tight and clear on that message of how you’re unique and different. Building personas around who your potential franchisee is, as well as what your customer who might come in at the end, into the franchisee location, looks like.



Chris:                    Then of course, what are the tactics? I heard all these things, it’s stuff that really gets me excited because it works. Really, at the end of the day, then you start looking at the act of management. Doing what works over and over again, finding out what works, finding out the channel, whether that’s Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, just [inaudible 00:06:12] targeting. Paid search, local business directory, or a combination of many of those, because that’s usually what creates the biggest success.



Chris:                    And then actively managing that, doing that over and over and over again. So as I sat and listened, and hearing people unpack all this, I’m thinking, “Wow, this is really cool. Steve Rockwood, the PureDriven marketing manager, must be doing a great job, because this message is getting out to people all over the US who are working in the franchise world.”



Steve:                   Definitely. Well, that’s what I like to hear. I’m glad when our work pays off.



Steve:                   So I guess if there’s one key takeaway that you want everyone to go home with today after this podcast, because I know we’re going to be talking about this for the next couple months, what is one key takeaway you can give everybody today to really get them started thinking about this huge process that you learned about?



Chris:                    Well, the key takeaway is the 1-2-3 punch. Number one, build the strategy. Number two, get local. Number three, understand that consistency, looking at what’s working, and doing things over and over again, actively managing these digital and social campaigns, are what’s going to lead to success in today’s marketing world for your franchise or for your unit location.



Steve:                   That sounds great. Actually, that sounds like a very good week of podcast for us sometime, to really get the franchisees thinking, or the franchise owners, or the soon-to-be franchise owners. We could maybe have a nice little package of the 1-2-3 punch together in one nice, easy to download podcast for everyone to listen to. Sounds like a good idea, Chris.



Steve:                   I will add that to the list of podcasts. So if you’re listening, you can look forward to that.



Steve:                   Alright, Chris, well, I’m gonna let you get back to the sunshine. Is there anything else you wanted to share with us today? I know we’re gonna keep going on about this in the coming months, but if there’s anything else you want to leave us with today, feel free.



Chris:                    My last word for all of you folks right now who are dealing with the cold weather all across the northern part of the country, Miami is beautiful this time of year. Have a great one, Steve.



Steve:                   Alright, thank you Chris, I will talk to you soon. And thank you everyone for listening, and we will see you in the next PureDriven podcast.

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