Know Your Nitch

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Know Your Nitch


Most of us have that strong desire to live out the American dream. It is within most of our reach. As an entrepreneur, you have a keen eye for recognizing unmet needs, market trends and potential business opportunities, regardless of the industry. Fancy accolades alone won’t help you strike gold, even in territory you know front-to-back. You simply need a critical eye, passion and the willingness to carry the burden to win big.


Here are just a few things to keep in mind.


  1. Find Your Passion

The first step is knowing what you are passionate about. What ideas would make you excited to go to work every day? If you are passionate about your business, you are more likely to put all of your time and energy into it. Find out what you love to do and what problem is the one you have a solution for. Unearthing your brilliant idea is more about observation than innovation. You don’t necessarily need to dream up a brand-new invention; you can also enhance an existing idea. You might be faster, cheaper or have a sharper focus on customer service. Just make sure you can differentiate yourself.


  1. Do Your Market Research

Marketing research is done with every business in order to determine who the target demographic is. It will also find what problems your target audience needs a solution for. Before you jump into any business, you need to understand who you will be selling your products or services to. This is where marketing research comes in. If you have time, you can conduct the research yourself online or through government agencies. You can also hire a marketing research firm to do all of this legwork for you. Marketing research will also help you know who your competitors.


Make a list of all your competitors to get an idea of how competitive the industry is. Once this list has been made, determine what it is that sets you apart from the competition. If you have something that your customers won’t find with any other company, make sure they know it.


  1. Never Stop Studying

You can’t discover unmet needs and propose viable solutions without continuously studying the ins and outs of an industry. Investigate potential government regulations, key industry players and national and international trends to further expand your knowledge base. Learn enough to sense possibilities, then conduct more research before acting on that information, whether you move forward or course-correct.


Listening is also a crucial component of research. You will only identify gaps by listening to the market and responding to it. Conduct interviews and surveys to hear directly from key stakeholders. Make learning a part of your life, not a task you check off. Constant improvement is the only way to stay competitive.


Attend investment events, and visit venture capitalist and angel investor websites. Read publications to learn which companies are getting funded. Look to other entrepreneurs, and discover how they’re building successful companies by perceiving things differently.


  1. Build Your Team

The advisers, employees and organizations you work with will play a defining role in your success or failure. Hire passionate, experienced team members who will ride out the challenges and instability of the early startup days. Work with the best manufacturers or partners to ensure a great product and customer experience. And keep in touch with your old network even as you develop a new one. Clarifying your business’s purpose will lead you to the right people to build with.


  1. Have The Courage That It Takes

You have to be bold enough to overcome internal fears and external discouragement every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to learn something new or ignore the naysayers. Don’t try to do it alone. With a great team by your side, you can compensate for your shortcomings and thrive in any market.


There is no magic formula that will point you to a winning business idea, but working through these steps can help you build a business you love.

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