Instagram: A Visual App for Visual Ads

Instagram is a photo sharing application primarily used on mobile devices. Users can post their own photos, like other users photos, and comment on photos.  The app has gained a bunch of popularity and is one of the most used apps on mobile devices. So one of the questions you may ask is, “How can I use this app to grow my business and get new clients?”  It is pretty simple how advertising on Instagram works. Ads can show up on a users Instagram feed in between photographs that people they follow post. The nice thing about these ads on Instagram is that they look like normal Instagram posts.  This does not disrupt consumers experience using the app.


I opened my Instagram to see how frequently advertisements appeared on my feed.  I was surprised when I noticed that advertisements appear around every 3-5 posts.  This is a lot more frequent than what I anticipated. This just shows that Instagram ads are not intrusive, but still leave an impact on consumers.  


Instagram is a very visual app, so when advertising on Instagram, it is important to have a visually pleasing ad.  While information is imperative to advertisings, the information should not dominate the ad. The advertisement should be intriguing and have just enough information to have users click on the ad. The caption should be snappy and have a solid “Call to Action” Once you get the click, then you can give the user all the information they need. Using hashtags, emojis, and post locations also allow you to reach and connect with more people


Instagram advertising revenue is growing at a very fast clip.  Instagram is projecting $6.84 billion in advertising revenue in 2018, which is $3.19 billion more than 2017 (Sprout Social, 2018).  It is also important to know who you are targeting while using Instagram. 59% of users are 18-29-year-olds.


Instagram is a great tool to use while advertising.  It provides a unique and creative way to get your brand out there.  It can create many opportunities to get more traffic to your website and get more people buying your products. Instagram advertising is on the rise and there are more reasons to get on and advertise.

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