Insert Generic Waze Pun Here

Insert Generic Waze Pun Here

I’m going to limit myself to only three Waze puns in this entire article, because there are infinite options, (seriously, I can think of a thousand Waze to use it in a pun).


If you’re wondering what Waze is all about, it’s a crowd sourced map and directions application that is said to have the best alternate routes of any directions application. The magic of the app are the over 24 million devoted users who help each other out by tagging traffic jams, accidents, construction, and any other traffic delays or road issues right on the map. If Waze was only a map application we probably wouldn’t be talking about it here at PureDriven, but there is another piece of the app that does interest us – the businesses!


Waze isn’t a new platform, but their advertising is still relatively new and has not been adopted by many businesses. When you look at the map on Waze you will see some company logos appearing over that business’s location. Why isn’t your logo there?! That’s where the ads platform comes in! All businesses will show up in the Waze search results, however, only businesses that pay for advertising will show up on the map with their logo. Those businesses also get to add custom information about their business and add images to their “listing”.


Another perk of being a paying business on Waze is that you will get a sponsored listing in the search results. This works much like a paid search ad would on a search engine, and even adds your logo to the ad so that your listing looks “Waze” better than your competitors! (That was pun #2 by the way)


Depending on your location you may see A LOT of businesses on the map who are already paying for ads, or you may see virtually none. There are pros and cons to both situations. For areas with a lot of advertising businesses you know that Waze is definitely an application that is being used for the area. That’s a pro! A con is that your listing may be lost in the overcrowded community pool of company logos. On the other hand, for areas with few advertising businesses on Waze it gives you a chance to stand out! The con, however, is that the reason there aren’t more businesses advertising on Waze is that maybe the user base is very small in the area, and the ads wouldn’t be seen anyways.


What I love about Waze is that the barrier to entry is very small, and businesses of virtually any size can sign up and start advertising in only a few minutes. One thing to keep in mind is that Waze is meant for brick and mortar locations, and not for online businesses. The goal is to drive people to your store, (or more literally, have them drive to your store), which requires a storefront. The cost is set at a minimum of $2 per day, and there are no minimum time limits on your campaign. This means you could advertise for a day, a week, a month, or a year, and you’ll know that you’ll never be spending more than $2 a day on your Waze ads.


Finally, Waze offers analytics to accompany your advertising efforts. Below you will find a screenshot of the main analytics from one of the campaigns that I ran:




You can also see how many people clicked (tapped) on your ad, how many people went to your website or called your store, and how many people navigated directly to your store from your ad.



Waze also offers special features for multi-location and franchise businesses, which I may get into in a future blog post. For now, that’s all you need to know about Waze! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!



Oh, and for those waiting for the third pun… I’m sorry, but I think I forgot all of my puns. Maybe I’m going Waze-y! (There’s three)

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