How Twitter Ads Can Set You Apart

What are Twitter ads? You may see different kinds of ads on Twitter such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends.


A promoted tweet is exactly as it sounds, choosing one of your current tweets and promoting it. By doing this it allows you to engage beyond your core followers and reach more of your target audience. The promoted tweets show up in user’s feeds.


A promoted account comes up on your who to follow the page. This part of Twitter had both organic and paid suggestions for the user to follow.


Using Twitter for advertising is great because you can really narrow down your target audience. Twitter has options such as keywords or phrases, demographic, and geographic choices to reach your exact target audience.


Using Twitter as a marketing platform is great because they have an overall younger audience with 36% of American users being aged 18-29 years old. Which is more than any other age group, that number drops to 22% for users ages 20-40. 18% of users are 50-64 years old and drops to just 6% are over the age of 65. (


Twitter users access Twitter regularly as 42% access the app daily and a combined total of 66% of users access the app weekly. Also, in America, the gender split is exactly 50/50 on Twitter where that is not the case on other social media platforms.


Twitter also offers something that is more unique for social media, keyword targeting. By using keyword targeting you can reach people who have used a specific word or hashtag on their Twitter in the last 7 days. You can target people very specifically, for example, you can target people based on if they follow certain accounts or you could target every Twitter user, you can as broad or specific as you want.


Twitter also has a relativity low cost per click because of its lack of advertising competition, there for you get more bang for your buck.


So now you might be wondering how Twitter would be beneficial to you as a franchise. You will stand out. Facebook has a larger reach but often times Facebook ads can get lost as you scroll.  A Twitter ad is almost promised to stand out and you will be paying per impression. An awesome thing you can do is link your website to a twitter post. This will drive more traffic there ultimately bringing more traffic to your store.


Sharing tweets organically and having tweets promoted is an awesome way to get your Twitter started. Once you see which ads gain the most attention you will know which ads to promote. Having tweets asking people to engage or just fun creative graphic ads usually get the most attention. Overall, getting on Twitter and putting yourself out there is the perfect and cost-effective way to engage with a younger audience and create a stronger online presence for yourself.

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