How Important is Social Media?

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How Important is Social Media?


Social Media’s Presence


We are in the day and age of social media. People are liking, tweeting, and commenting on content put out by friends, family, celebrities, and strangers all over the world.


To demonstrate just how big of an impact social media makes, why don’t we look at more traditional forms of social content platforms. While it took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners, it only took television 13 years, and the internet four years. Social media is a viral sensation that will not be ending anytime soon.


Some may say Facebook is aging out of social media, but it’s still an essential tool for millennials. They use Facebook less for sharing trendy content and glamorous photos, but instead the platform is used more so for keeping in touch with old friends and family. In addition, come spring time, a lot of high schoolers use Facebook for College groups, and finding roommates for the upcoming fall. While Facebook might not be as popular for young people these days, a few years ago Facebook acquired over 100 million users in nine months, meaning the oldest social platform mogul isn’t going anywhere. This social media platform connects people over oceans, and that can be proved by the fact that only thirteen percent of Facebook users are in North America. In fact, more than a third of users are located in the Asia-Pacific region.


LinkedIn is a very resourceful tool for the business world as well. It helps people find jobs, create connections, and discuss professional development in a virtual space. To some peoples’ surprise, 94% of companies use LinkedIn as their primary recruiting tool. There is definitely something to be said about LinkedIn, and advertising your open jobs, collaboration opportunities, or your business in general has the possibility to build big momentum.


Instagram is the social media platform millennials are obsessed with because of the fast way to share photos without the need to even write a caption. While Facebook dominates in size and penetration worldwide, Instagram dominates in user engagement. It averages seventy interactions per post per 1,000 users, while the other major platforms average under ten.


While these are the platforms most popular to the Western world, social networks like QQ, WeChat and QZone are more popular in Asia than Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


Social media can be used to mobilize people to make change, to create community, and to help those in need.
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