Display Remarketing: How You Can Get People Back Onto Your Website

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Display Remarketing: How You Can Get People Back Onto Your Website

Have you ever been browsing the web and then a banner advertisement shows some product you were looking at earlier?  This is called display remarketing, and it is how many e-businesses get customers back into their website. Display remarketing allows businesses to get a second shot at getting customers to buy their products.  You may be asking, how does this work? It’s quite simple when you are browsing products online, cookies can be installed onto your browser. When you leave the website and search for other places on the web, the advertisement shows up with products or products similar to what you were viewing.


Display remarketing is a game changer for e-businesses.  It gives these businesses a higher return on investment by targeting specific audiences.  These targeted audiences are more likely to click on the ad and buy because they were recently searching for similar products.  So when a shopper is looking at purchasing a purse. When they leave the site, they may get an ad about the purses that they were looking at.  When they see this ad they may go back to looking at purses on your website and purchase one.


Display remarketing also gives your brand more exposure.  Even if the customer doesn’t click on the display ad, seeing the ad is just as important.  When the customer is ready to purchase, they will think of your business because that is what they have seen and they are familiar with it.  Just seeing the advertisement is beneficial. When a shopper is looking at fishing equipment they may not be ready to make a big purchase. In the future, they may see your ad and make the purchase.


Overall, display remarketing is a great tool for getting old customers back into your website.  It allows you to target certain audiences that are more likely to purchase goods and services. Display remarketing is an awesome way to boost your sales and bring in more revenue all while getting your brand out there

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