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Have you ever been browsing the web and then a banner advertisement shows some product you were looking at earlier?  This is called display remarketing, and it is how many e-businesses get customers back into their website. Display remarketing allows businesses to get a second shot at getting customers to buy their products.  You may be asking, how does this work? It’s quite simple when...

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LinkedIn has become the place to do professional networking on the internet.  The site allows professionals and companies to connect on the website and share information.  Companies looking to hire can look at professional’s resumes, posts, and job history. Along with sharing resumes, posts and job history,  professionals can connect with other professionals that can endorse skills that you may have.  This is why LinkedIn...

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What are Twitter ads? You may see different kinds of ads on Twitter such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends.   A promoted tweet is exactly as it sounds, choosing one of your current tweets and promoting it. By doing this it allows you to engage beyond your core followers and reach more of your target audience. The promoted tweets show up in user’s...

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While surfing the web you may notice that there are a lot of advertisements that show up.  Whether they are video ads, banners, or pop-ups, people have found out a way to bypass advertisements.  Software that blocks these advertisements is called Adblock.   While blocking advertisements is convenient for users, there is another side to the issue.  When people use Adblock, they are hurting businesses and...

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Instagram is a photo sharing application primarily used on mobile devices. Users can post their own photos, like other users photos, and comment on photos.  The app has gained a bunch of popularity and is one of the most used apps on mobile devices. So one of the questions you may ask is, “How can I use this app to grow my business and get...

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To be successful in business, commit to becoming self-aware and wise with your choices. Your success is a reflection of your decisions, attitude and thinking. If your business isn’t where you want to it to be or you're ready to set higher goals, start making new decisions. To grow your business, you have to grow yourself.   Each day is an open opportunity for mastering skills and...

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