Author: Savannah Buck

Group of teenagers sitting on stairs and looking at a tablet

The adoption of social media vastly changes the way brands and consumers interact with one another. Traditional marketing is still relevant, but social media marketing is becoming a must-have for all companies in a technologically expanding and innovative world.   Traditional Marketing   Traditional marketing focuses on push messaging, or in other words, one-way communication delivered to the target audience using a lot of television/print/radio to reach a mass...

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  Social Media's Presence   We are in the day and age of social media. People are liking, tweeting, and commenting on content put out by friends, family, celebrities, and strangers all over the world.   To demonstrate just how big of an impact social media makes, why don't we look at more traditional forms of social content platforms. While it took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners,...

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What are Microcultures?   Culture affects every aspect of business in some way, often without us even realizing until we’re put into an environment significantly different from our normal culture.   Every consumer belongs to multiple cultural groups, and this effects their purchasing decisions a lot more than most would realize. There are many different microcultures such as ethnic culture, religious culture, generational culture, national culture, regional culture and...

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