About PureDriven

The PureDriven Story

When Reserve Mining in Silver Bay, Minnesota, closed its doors in 1982, laying off a large local workforce, PureDriven cofounder Christopher Swanson saw his father refuse to move his family away from the area that he loved. Instead, he dug down deep and forged a business from nothing in a community that was economically reeling. Living through that hard-fought but successful experience with his father shaped Chris, and he knew that, someday, he wanted to help others do the same.


Over the years, Chris started a number of businesses and nonprofits, all the while honing how he could truly serve the small business sector. In 2009, Chris met Sheila Leppala, a computer software designer and programmer, who shared his passion for technology and drive to serve small businesses. Together they found inspiration in the often-overlooked but vibrant community of franchise owners. Pairing Chris’s vision and marketing savvy with Sheila’s analytical background, the two created a unique and effective way to help franchise owners capitalize on online marketing, giving them proven results that boosted traffic, customers, and revenue.



On January 1, 2009, PureDriven was born. As much an award-winning, cutting-edge agency as it is a small town business, PureDriven pairs expert know-how with friendly, customer-oriented service. As a result, they have become the go-to experts for franchise owners across the nation, helping them reap the rewards of strategic online. A cornerstone business in its own town of Two Harbors, Minnesota, PureDriven strives to foster growth in the local economy and better serve their community—and the team is driven to help other small businesses do the same.



But the story doesn’t end there. To the team at PureDriven, their history is your new beginning. By constantly striving to better themselves and their services, Chris, Sheila, and the rest of their expert team will personally bring you and your business to the next level—and help you write the success story your business deserves.

PureDriven’s Promise

In everything we do, we promise to do it with speed and excellence. We will help you define your goals and then create a customized strategy to reach those goals. We promise to deliver exceptional personal service; you will never get the run-around from us. We promise to be available, truthful, focused, upfront, adaptable, and transparent. You will always be treated with respect and dignity, and we’ll never surprise you with hidden costs.



We promise to make online marketing simple for you and to show you results. We promise to work hard for you and your business, constantly pushing ourselves and serving you in any way we can. We will track, analyze, and improve all of our efforts. We welcome conversation and dialoguing and questions; we will never hide behind insider jargon. We are not in this for short-term gains. Above all, we want to foster a great ongoing relationship to help your business continue to see growth and gains year after year—and we promise to do all in our power to make it so.