3 Ways to Bolster Your Facebook

One of the best tools that a business owner can use online is Facebook.  Facebook connects you to a countless amount of people that can see what your business has to offer.  While many businesses do have a Facebook page, not all of them utilize it to its full capacity. Three easy steps can really bolster your Facebook presence and get more likes and ideally more revenue!


Constant Posting


What good is a page if you don’t post on it? Surprisingly a lot of facebook pages lay dormant without seeing any posts or updates.  The key to Facebook is regular posting, it allows people to see what you are doing or what you have to offer. Whether it’s text, a picture, or a video it is imperative to have content on your page for people to view. If your business has a sale, post it on Facebook. More than likely, most people will see your Facebook post rather than a sign outside the store. Posting gets traffic to your store.  You don’t have to post about sales and store information, simple posts like acknowledging a holiday or a pop culture trend let people relate to your brand. Posting on a regular basis is the most fundamental step in improving your Facebook game.


Posting Pictures


People are very visual, and Facebook is one of the most popular places to post pictures.  The reason it’s important to post pictures rather than just plain text is that people can see what’s in the picture and relate to it better than imagining it after reading plain text.  “A picture is worth a thousand words”, in a world with only 240 characters it’s important to utilize pictures to their full potential and get people into your store. Another example is, when you are posting about a sale on backpacks, instead of posting just plain text that you are having a sale on backpacks, post a picture of some of the backpacks on sale.  This gives people a good idea of what you have in-store. It will also get them curious and they may stop in and see what else you have to offer.


Plug Other Social Media


Facebook can also be used to plug other social media.  Whether it is just your business’s website or your Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, it is important to link where people can find you other places on the internet.  Keeping your social media presence is one of the easiest ways to improve performance. While Facebook is the head honcho of social media, other platforms provide unique ways to connect with clientele.


These simple steps should bolster your Facebook presence, and ideally, bring more people to your products and services.  Keep Posting!

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