10 Simple Franchise Digital Marketing Tips for Success

10 Simple Franchise Digital Marketing Tips for Success

Franchise Marketing Tips for Success!


Ready to grow your franchise with digital marketing? Read our top 10 tips to get you started!



Tip #1 – Create Separate Franchise Social Media Pages



It may seem simple to create one Facebook, one Twitter and one Instagram account for your franchise brand as a whole, but that’s not enough anymore. A franchise looking to succeed should create a separate social media page for each of its locations!



Tip #2 – Post Climate-Specific Content on Social Media



Do you have a franchise location in Florida, and another in Minnesota? Chances are the people in those areas are experiencing very different weather, and are in need of different supplies and services. You wouldn’t want to advertise a tank top sale in the middle of January in Minnesota, and you also wouldn’t want to advertise a snow sled sale at any time of the year in Florida. Make sure to post relatable content on your social media pages to keep your audience engaged.



Tip #3 – Post Local Content on Social Media



On top of posting location specific content, you also want to post local content to your social media pages. This may include local sports team headlines, stories from the area, or awesome pictures from the people of that area. Not all of your posts need to be local, but a few each week is a good place to start!



Tip #4 – Post Some “Branded” Content on Social Media



Local content is extremely important on social media, but your brand is important as well! You can use branding creative on your social media to spice it up and add your own message to the social media mix. The great thing about branded content is that you can use it throughout all of your pages as long as they are focused on the same brand. This makes it easier to schedule out some posts ahead of time, create some social media ads, and keep your page active without requiring a lot of customization for each piece of creative.



Tip #5 – Create Separate Websites for Each Franchise Location



Just like tip #1, tip #5 is all about giving you more work to do! It is extremely important that each of your franchise locations has their own website. This helps search engines categorize and place your website in the local search results, and it also helps your Search Engine Optimization. This allows you to post content on your website that is relevant to that location. This also allows you to set different hours for your locations, host unique events at certain locations, hire for certain locations, and share your social media feeds that correspond to that location on your website.



Tip #6 – Focus on Local SEO



It’s easy to get wrapped up in the rat race of Search Engine Optimization, but it’s a lot easier to succeed when you focus on the local level. Focus on the keywords for each location that search engine users are using in that area to find businesses like yours, and don’t focus on the national level. You can even search Google from different locations via the settings to see how you appear and your competitors appear when someone searches for those keywords from that designated area!



Tip #7 – Beta Test New Products



Don’t be afraid to test out new marketing products! The great thing about running multiple businesses under the same brand is that you get to see what works and where it works. It also means that you can try out new marketing products with one of your locations and see how it goes! Your results will vary from location to location, but being able to slowly try out products and bring the successful ones to your other locations is defiantly a perk that franchisees get to enjoy! A few ideas to get you started – Snapchat Marketing, Waze Ads, Geofencing.


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Tip #8 – Create a Digital Marketing Schedule



There are a lot of events, national days, and holidays out there these days. Plan accordingly and set up a content calendar so that you know what you want to post and when. You should also create a schedule for your blog posts and any other content that you will be creating.



Tip #9 – Create Content Ahead of Time



Content is king, but you don’t want to end up making it at the last minute because you failed to realize it was “National Donut Day” until the 11th hour! Create, store, and organize your content in a way that is easy to find when you need it. Create graphics for your social media posts ahead of time, and try to finish your upcoming blog posts before the post date so that you can have some breathing room. Franchise digital marketing is hard, but it’s even harder when you overwhelm yourself!



Tip #8 – Learn About Franchise Digital Marketing



If you’re reading this blog post you are already doing a great job with this step! Read, listen, and watch as much content as you can about franchise digital marketing! Staying up to date with current marketing trends could lead to great success!


A great resource for you is the Franchise ATM Podcast brought to you by PureDriven! Check it out here!



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